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Who needs unlimited bandwidth web hosting?

Web hosts are companies which provide web hosting services to clientele who want their websites to be viewed on the internet. To facilitate this, a high speed computer, server and internet connectivity are needed. A web host offers you a space on this server, bandwidth and protection from hackers and malware for a monthly fee. Web hosts have a ton of unlimited bandwidth compared the normal business or home internet connection.

When a website has more traffic, it will require more disk space and more bandwidth on the server. This means that as your website grows, it will need more resources on the server. Unlimited bandwidth means that all the traffic to your website can be accommodated by your web host server.

Limitations of unlimited bandwidth

Limitations on bandwidth or data transfer are executed by monitoring server resource usage by your web host. In a shared web hosting plan, Unlimited bandwidth is used to market the plan to a you by a web host. Shared hosting plans are popular because they are the cheapest hosting options. As long as a website doesn’t need all the server resources, then the server can be shared by other users (web sites).


Consistent loading speeds are ensured by never placing more than the required capacity of websites on the same server. It this hosting plan is marketed with unlimited bandwidth then this becomes a fallacy. The server resources in a shared hosting plan are shared by the number of users signed up. Should any one website has more traffic, thus using more bandwidth than allotted, then the other users will be left to share the remaining bandwidth however small. The effect of this, is slow loading speeds in the other websites, hence negating the unlimited bandwidth claim.

If this happens the user is requested to upgrade to another hosting plan where the bandwidth will accommodate his website traffic without restrictions

Uses of Unlimited bandwidth

When you want to grow your business through the internet, you expect to have an increase in traffic. Consequently, the bigger the company, the more transactions carried out online and the bigger the servers dedicated to that website. Dedicated servers have unlimited bandwidth and are recommended for companies with big businesses. Dedicated web hosting means you get your own server dedicated to your website. If your website needs a lot of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, memory, security or customization, dedicated web hosting is for you.

As you do not share any server hardware, it is the most expensive web hosting. Statistically, a number of sites use just less than 500 MB in a month, which is half of what many sites can offer. Unless you offer music, software, or video downloads if you are really popular, you should not have to worry much about the bandwidth. Just know that if a host advertises unlimited bandwidth falsely, who may know what else they may be lying about or what are the tricks they are using to pull?


Sources For Updated Hostgator Hosting Coupon

Hostgator is one of the best online web hosting providers. For businesses which want to build their websites without breaking the bank, they are the company of choice. Host to several millions of domains, they power about one percent of the internet traffic. Hostgator offers several hosting plans for a competitive price, however each plan has a discount associated with it. The hosting plans are shared hosting, reseller, dedicated server and virtual private server.

Hostgator coupon codes – Are they the best in the market?

A hostgator coupon gives you a discount for every hosting package selected. Each coupon has a code that is updated every several months in the year. Should you decide to have your website hosted by Hostgator, it is advisable to use the coupons to lower the monthly cost of hosting. To start you simply waste the Hostgator website and select a hosting plan. On signing up you are presented with the option of choosing a billing cycle IE paying monthly or yearly with the yearly option offering more savings. Having chosen a hosting package you will be asked to enter a coupon code. Hostgator has a default coupon selected called snappy but it only saves you 20%. There are other coupon codes which give higher percentages of discount of up to 25%.

Best sources of updated Hostgator coupons


One of the best things about Hostgator is the fact that they have special offers on their coupon codes. To take advantage of the higher discount codes stated earlier, you should boost several websites which are affiliated with Hostgator. There are several websites which offer them and once you click on an offer they get a commission from Hostgator.

The only way to verify that they are updated codes is to call the Hostgator phone and chat agents and visiting the Hostgator website where you will be not fed   on any coupon code offers. With each website that offers Hostgator hosting coupon codes, you should investigate their core business. By this, you will now those websites which are dedicated to helping people find coupons for Hostgator exclusively and those which offer coupons for several web hosting companies including Hostgator.

Consequently, those dedicated to Hostgator exclusively work together with them to ensure that discount codes are always up to date and active all through the year. Such a website is Hostgator coupon offers.com. Alternatively, they offer tutorials on how to enter the coupon codes on the Hostgator website once you sign up. Should you be a first time customer of Hostgator, you should enjoy these great discounts by looking at the updated offers monthly.

All these factors will go towards pointing you to the best sources of hostgator hosting coupon codes and offer you peace of mind should you decide to take up the coupon offers. Your chosen Hostgator coupon website should also have a good selection for you to choose from and be willing to offer some level of technical assistance when needed.


Cheapest Web Hosting Companies In The UK

Web hosting is a service provided by a company to a customer who wants their website to be viewed on the internet. These companies have high speed servers and unlimited bandwidth to allow for a huge traffic to clients websites. The uptime offered by each company allows you to evaluate how often their websites will be down or not. A web host provides space on the server for use by their clients by offering web hosting services. These clients pay a fee for this service.

Several companies offer the same services on the basis of bandwidth, disk storage space, uptime, control panels, databases and support. An understanding of the features you need for your website as well as the price range is paramount before choosing a hosting plan from the numerous offerings on the internet.

Comparisons of web hosts in the UK

Of course the comparison of the cheapest web hosting UK company is based on customer independent reviews and experiences. As mentioned earlier the important factors are taken into account when reviewing a web hosting provider. Given that there are many companies offering the same services companies are having to take extra measures to obtain and retain business and home as clients.

The factors taken into consideration are price, enough disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name registrations, free hosting space, email accounts, SQL databases and unlimited technical support.

Taking all these factors into consideration page is the cheapest web hosting UK company priced at £ 1.19 for their hosting plan. It offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth; unlimited email addresses free domain registration and free site building tools. They offer 24/7 customer service, very high data security as well as any time money back guarantee. These services are bound to leave you the customer with a satisfied experience.

The second cheapest web hosting uk company in terms of price is taken by Host Papa where they offer their hosting plan at £ 1.95. As far as customer reviews are concerned, they are ranked position 4 after Just Host and FatCow. Although they offer the same features of their hosting plan, the quality of service and ease of use makes a difference for the customers.

Cheap hosting at good quality

It was discovered that the only way these companies can be this cheap is by spreading the expenses such as server maintenance over the number of users who have signed up. This is possible through shared hosting where the user websites share the server resources and software with other websites. For security purposes, you have a dedicated control panel where you can manage your site from one easy interface.

For a website that does need all the servers’ hardware and software resources, this becomes the cheapest option. Consistent website speeds are ensured by never placing too many users on the same server. This becomes the most economical option for many people. Be cautious of committing long term your website   to web host who offer completely free web hosting.

Best web hosting services in India

India is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies. Web hosting is for local businesses which want to build their online presence. Websites are placed on servers provided by a web host of monthly fee. Web hosting services in India are mostly offered by foreign companies. Such as iPod, HostGator, Host papa and so many more. There is also an Indian web hosting companies which offer their hosting service prices in rupees.

The basic function of all the web hosts is to bring your website online. However, there are variations based on different key features. Such features are, hosting plans, pricing, bandwidth, technical support, money back guarantees, uptime, domain name registration and email accounts.

Features of good web hosts.

As stated earlier, there are various features that distinguish the different web hosts and the services offered in India. As a standard, a good web hosting company must provide good features that help you create, publish, manage and maintain your site successfully. For ease of use, features such as domain registration, email functionality and site management tools appeal to users who are not very knowledgeable in web hosting. 24/7 technical support and good customer service will retain customers in the long run because they make your experience memorable and stress free.


For the advanced web designers, provision of supplementary features such as customizable error pages, script library and raw access logs would appeal to them. For transfer of domain names, access to server points is essential.

Reviews of best web hosting services in India

With different businesses, come different needs. The best web hosting plans to cater to the needs of the particular business. As a result, a standard of comparison need to be used. Customer experiences are also used for reviews. These reviews are based on the hosting plan prices provided by the web hosts and the customer experience.

iPage is the top ranked web hosting service provider in India. It is mainly popular for their cheap hosting plans. Starting at $ 1.99 per month their hosting plans are pretty affordable. With a comprehensive knowledge base and 24 /7 technical support, iPage offers topnotch support to tech savvy and non technical customers.

Second in the rankings is Hosting Raja. This is an Indian web hosting Service Company whose hosting plans start at 0.99 Indian rupees dollars and has coupons to give discounts to the new signed users. The hosting plan has limited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains, limited disk space and an anytime money back guarantee.

Third, fourth and fifth in the rankings are Hostgator, blue host and Just Host respectively. They are popular for hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and an anytime money back guarantee. However, their hosting plans start at around the same price point.

For the best web hosting services in India it is advisable to visit the above named and make sure you get a hosting plan tailored to your business needs.

If You’ve Heard Bad Things About Network Solutions Web Hosting…

Web hosting is the internet hosting service provided to a customer who wants their web pages to be viewed on the internet. Anyone who owns a server, computer and internet connectivity, can be a web host by providing space on the server for use by their clients. These clients pay a fee for this service.

Network solutions are a company that provides web hosting services. When you are choosing a web host, there are several factors that need to be considered before doing so.

Factors to consider when choosing a web host

As stated earlier, anyone can be a web host. One can host their website instead of paying the web hosting companies a fee to do it. Unfortunately, there are several problems associated with this. Uptime is the time your website is online. Any time you restart your computer your website goes down, a web host keeps this from happening because they don’t restart their servers.  Internet connectivity is affected by the number of people who visit your website, however, web hosts have access to a lot of bandwidth, unlike your home or business connection therefore your website is upgraded depending on the traffic. Knowledge of the server programs and protection of your website from hackers makes the web hosts worth the monthly cost.


When choosing a network solution web hosting services one has to make sure they have all the features you need, a good rating as well as a competitive price range.

Network Solutions web hosting reviews

When comparing network solutions web hosting plans with other plans from other web host companies, they are a good company which offers services   at fair prices. As a company network solutions web hosting services are better tailored for big business if you are looking for a quality service for high traffic websites. Unfortunately, this is not the case for small business websites because they are a bit overpriced when it comes to domain names and email accounts. Their small hosting plan means you have a really small space on the server and therefore its slow and unreliable. Some of the complaints heard are the unresponsiveness of the support team. Unfortunately, they take several days if not months to address a problem and their customer service is lacking

Their wordpress free package preys on the ignorance of people who don’t know a lot about domain names and web hosting. They don’t offer FTP access this allows one upload custom theme files, host large files and it takes a lot of time to write and edit a blog post.

Of course they are not the only company that misrepresents itself; the problem comes in where they trick the customers into a vendor’s lock and not allowing transfers of domain names when unsatisfied customers want to move. Before choosing them as a web host and for your network solutions web hosting, please read customer experiences, ratings and ask many questions, then decide what is good for you.